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Clean the air with our natural Salt Rocks...

Salt rock and salt rock lamps are a beautiful and unique natural product mined in the Himalayan mountains of Pakistan.  No two lamps are alike.  When not lit, the rocks are a whitish orange/pink color.  When they are lit, they become a beautiful glowing golden/orange.  The lamps become warm but not hot, and are odorless.  The salt rock itself emits negative ions and when it is heated with a candle or a small lamp the emissions increase.

Although negative ions sound like a bad thing, they are actually very beneficial.  Electronics such as computers, microwaves, radios and televisions all emit positive ions.  These positive ions decrease a person’s energy.  The negative ion emissions from the salt rock crystals work to balance the positive ionic air particles generated by electronics.  When an ionic balance is reached, or the air has greater negative ions, one has a feeling of well- being.  A natural example of this phenomenon would be a walk after a thunderstorm, breathing in pure mountain air, or being near seashore.  These areas all have a naturally occurring, high concentration of negative ions.  Negative ions therapy is essential for well- being.  It has been used to improve all of the following conditions:

    • Psoriasis
    • Warts and skin tags
    • Eczema
    • Migraines
    • Insomnia
    • Sleep Apnea
    • Depression
    • Sinus Problems
    • Fatigue

Negative ions keep the air free of airborne impurities, dust and dander.  The lamps treat a radius of 5 feet and should be used indoors only.  The salt lamps naturally sweat, so they should be placed on a protected surface.   The lamps can be wiped with a clean cotton cloth if needed. Enjoy one of these beautiful natural salt rock lamps in your bedroom, office, waiting room, kitchen, meditation room, or television room and feel better starting today.

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