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Hi Light Therapy,

Just a note, I’ve had sleep disorders (sleep apnea, I also wear a Cpap every night), and my own diagnosis of SAD for YEARS AND YEARS. I’ve known a little about full spectrum lights for about fifteen years or so, but I didn’t quite know what to believe about it. I’ve known about light box’s for about eight or ten years and again didn’t research or do anything about it, until my sister in laws brother who has SAD and has had a light box for about seven years. He told me that he loves it (he lives in Alaska) and uses it every day. My problems got so bad that in September of 2010, I have been seeing my doctor and a sleep disorder doctor, and a therapist on a steady basis trying to figure out why I was hitting the bottom of the well. My working with my primary care doctor goes way back concerning a multitude of symptoms, one being eyes that felt like there was ten lbs of sand in each one, no energy, constantly tired, ect. ect. I mentioned to him about SAD and he really didn’t seem to care going in that direction. We’ve tried to see about depression  (of which I know now I have and I believe it’s from a combination of SAD and my sleep disorder) about seven years ago with anti-depression medication that didn’t do anything. We tried it again starting last September, again with no good results. I finally started researching on the computer about SAD on the Mayo clinic web site and also found Light therapy of Stillwater (I live in Minnesota). I had been using a incandescent white light bulb as an experiment for about a year off and on, and recently a lot more. I seem to notice some improvement with it. I finally decided after finding the Light Therapy web site to FINALLY give it a try. I talked to one of the owners, Sarah, and she was a big help. After discussing what my needs were and her recommendation, I purchased the “Sunsation Light box with the floor stand”. I have used it for only two and a half weeks.  My eyes don’t feel like they’re full of sand any more (first time in years) and my energy level is getting more and more every day and I’m not as tired. I just wanted you to know that in about two weeks your light box has started to change my life immensely. Something that the “miracle of pills” have never done. I can’t wait till I get about two months of use under my belt. I will let you know more then.


I have become one of your greatest salesman, telling a lot of people about it, and discovering that there are a lot of people with this problem. I do feel that most everybody in the Northern climes has SAD, but at different levels of which mine was extremely bad. I feel that I will even use it in the summer before I go to work, as it’s just getting light and there are no windows in the room I work.

Thank you,


Oh I love my job on days like today!  I got the best phone call from a customer who bought a Sunsation with Floor Stand about 7 days ago.

He told me that he has been suffering from depression and thinking about buying a light box for 10-15 years.  We talked on the phone for quite a long time to narrow his choice down and settled on the Sunsation light box because it fit his lifestyle the best.
“John” told me that he has been using his light box every day and it has totally changed his life.  He said that the changes were quite subtle for the first 3-4 days.  On the 4th day he reported that “It felt like someone lifted a bag of sand off of my eyes and I wasn’t as sleepy.  It has totally changed my life and it’s almost like a miracle!  Every day just keeps getting better and better.  My head feels clearer.  I wish that I would have done this 10-15 years ago!”


We just had a customer in our Stillwater showroom.  He had come in this past December to purchase a light for his wife.  He came in today to buy a second light for her desk at work and chose a TravElite.  He told me that his wife started using her Sunsation with floor stand in order to quite using anti depressants that she used only seasonally.  She started using the light at the same time that she quit her antidepressants.  He told me that she didn’t notice a difference in her mood or energy level, and that they stayed elevated.  What she did notice was that the side effects from the medication disappeared after a week or two.  Of course we recommend consulting with your doctor before discontinuing use of prescribed medicines.

We received the following note from a customer:

Hello, this is a follow-up, thank you note for your great customer service we received a few months ago from your office.  I received the Flamingo therapy light for a Christmas gift in December.  It wasn’t working quite right.  I placed two calls to your office concerning this.  I received prompt remedies both times.  We received a new unit and it’s working well.  Thanks so much for your assistance & positive attitude.  We will refer others to you.

Mk, St Paul, MN

You are welcome Mk.  And thank you for taking the time to send that nice note.
It is rare that we have a problem with a new light.  But we will always do what we can to make sure that our products work for you.

I just wanted to say that I received my order today and it’s exactly what I was looking for and it was extremely fast shipping. Thank you so much !

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