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Light Boxes

Light Therapy Products has one of the largest selection of Light Boxes available today.  We have been selling light boxes for the treatment of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) for over 10 years.  We do not sell all the light boxes that are available because we only sell light boxes that have been proven to be effective and economical over the course of several years.  All our light boxes are 10,000 Lux and full spectrum.  In addition to listing all these great quality products for sale, we also have lots of general SAD information and  a guide to How to choose a light box.

We sell light boxes from several different manufacturers that can be used in different settings to ensure that you can find the one that will fit your needs.  We have divided our best selling light boxes into three main catagories: Table Top Light boxes, Portable light units, Desk Lamps and Floor Lamps.  For the complete listing of light boxes go to this page.

Table Top Light Boxes

The Sunsation is one of our best selling light boxes, and it is also the most versatile. 
Manufactured in the USA by the Sun Box Company, the Sunsation is covered by a lifetime warranty and the Unit's bulbs already installed in the unit are covered by a 2 year warranty.

he Sunlight Jr is also made by the Sun Box Co. and it also has a lifetime warranty, as well as the same 2 year bulb warranty.

The Suntouch Plus is a relatively new product, but has quickly become a big seller.  It uses a patented technology called Sky Effect ® and has optional Negative Ion Therapy.  You can read more about Negative Ion Therapy on our Salt Rocks Page.

Portable Light Boxes

The Litebook Elite is a battery powered, rechargeable, LED light box that is extremely compact and can easily fit in a suitcase, purse or briefcase.  It has a built in adjustable timer and works with either 110V or 220V power systems, which makes it perfect for travel!

The TraveLite is another portable light box.  It uses fluorescent bulbs and works on both 110V or 220V power grids.  Small enough to easily fit in a suitcase.  It also comes with a nylon carrying case.

Desk Lamp Light Boxes

The Sunny Days desk lamp by Sun Box has a lifetime warranty on the light box and a two year warranty on the light bulb that comes with it, like all Sun Box products.  Its flexible neck makes it adjustable and versatile.  This is also a great reading, craft and task light.

The Sad e Lite is made by Northern Light Technologies in Canada, where they know a thing
or two about SAD.  This is a large durable desk lamp that is adjustable from 15 to 22" high.

Floor Lamps

The Flamingo is a SAD light box/lamp named for its unique shape.  It is an effective light box for treating SAD and the winter blues, it is also a high quality full spectrum reading, craft and task lamp.

The Sunsation with floor stand is the same table top light mentioned above with the available attached floor stand
added.  This is the most versatile light box on the market today.  The floor stand is adjustable in height and the neck of the stand is so flexable that the light box can be pointed in any direction.

The Sun Square Plus is the ultimate light box.   It is one of the most powerful unit manufactured today.  Made in the USA by The Sun Box Co. it comes with their lifetime warranty and two year warranty on the unit's pre-installed bulbs. 




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