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Information Page

SAD Information  General information on SAD that we have refined over the years.

How to Choose a Light Box step by step instructions on choosing a light box.

SAD Articles  These are articles that we come across that we think are informative and accurate. 

Blue Lights for Acne  This page has more information about blue lights for acne treatment. 

Salt Rocks Information  Information on our Salt Rocks and their benefits.

Light Therapy Blog  Here is where we post information and comments about SAD and Light therapy.

Customer Testimonials Read what some of our customers think about Light Therapy Products.

About our site a general overview of how to use out website.

Frequently Asked Questions look at the questions we get alot, it might save you some time.

Insurance Information tips on getting reimbursed for your light box purchase.

Links to sites we like some are related some are not, but all are have our approval.


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