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Full Spectrum Light Bulbs

These bulbs are the highest quality full spectrum light bulbs available today.
Excellent for reading, they give you true color and superior clarity when compared to standard bulbs.

Most compact fluorscent bulbs are not bright enough when compared to incandescent bulbs. 
This is because they are usually around 2700K color temperature.  Our compact fluorescent bulbs are "Full Spectrum" or "True Daylight".  This means that they are 5000K.  This makes the light more like the color of true sunlight.  Full Spectrum lighting is better for reading or anywhere you need to have bright, hight quality lighting.

All of our compact fluorescent bulbs have an expected life of 10,000 hours, and save you energy too.  Fluorescent bulbs use only a quarter of the energy of an incandescent bulb and they last 10 times longer.
Ecological and Economical and great quality of light.  It doesn't get any better than that !

14 watt - FS Compact Fluorescent.
Compares to 60watt incandescent. 

19 watt - FS Compact Fluorescent.
Compares to 70 watt incandescent.

23 watt - FS Compact Fluorescent.
Compares to 85 watt incandescent.

26 watt - FS Compact Fluorescent.
Compares to 100 watt incandescent.

30 watt - FS Compact Fluorescent.
Compares to 105 watt incandescent.

40 watt - FS Compact Fluorescent.
Compares to 120 watt incandescent.


Full spectrum light bulbs use a rare earth element called neodymium which absorbs the yellow spectrum from the visible light.  Neodymium light bulbs enhance the blues and reds and cause colors to appear more vibrant.  Ordinary light bulbs produce a harsh unnatural light that can contribute to glare and eye strain, but neodymium bulbs simulate full spectrum light similar to true daylight.

Chromalux ™  neodymium light bulbs

60 Watt A19 - Frosted

100 Watt A21 - Frosted

150 Watt A21 - Frosted

Chromalux wavelength spec sheet.

Chromalux ™  neodymium

3 way (50/100/150) A21 - Frosted

75 Watt Flood - Frosted

100 Watt Flood - Frosted

150 Watt Flood - Frosted


25W Chandelier

40W Chandelier

60W Chandelier

(check your fixtures maximum wattage, we will not be responsible for blown bulbs from over loading your fixture)

Chromalux wavelength spec sheet.

Krypton Chandelier Bulbs

25W Torpedo

25W Flame

Sparkling white light with superior lumen output  provides "incandescent light bulb without the usual yellow dullness" with a long life average of ~3000 hour.

Energy efficient (brighter with less wattage)

Full spectrum neodymium or compact light bulbs are NOT used for bright light therapy or Seasonal Affective Disorder, they are used for a better quality of lighting. Please read our disclaimer.

We also have replacement bulbs for all the light boxes we carry. 
Do you have questions about SAD?  See our SAD info section!

Light bulbs are not returnable. Please order a smaller quality of bulbs if you are not certain that they are what you want.

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