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Dr Kern Sunlamp HT420

Personal Table Top Tanning Device

Now you can tan in your own home using the sun's most gentle ultra violet rays, UV-A.

The sun's natural rays give warmth, visible light and ultraviolet light.

In regard to their effect on the skin, the UV spectrum is subdivided into the UV-A, UV-B and UV-C segments.

The longer UV-A waves are gentle to the skin, even at higher concentrations, and tan the pigments just beneath the surface of the skin.

Light in the UV-B range is what initiates the formation of pigment, but it can also cause sunburn.

The atmosphere shields us against the UV-C rays, which as a result do not reach the earths surface.

Filtering out these UV-B rays almost entirely will effectively eliminate sunburn.

The UV-A light, at high intensities, will tan the skin through a process called "direct pigmentation".

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