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Light box, dawn simulator and SAD information

Drug free Skin treatment and Skin Light Treatment Information Blog

We started with Light therapy for Winter blues or SAD

Do you experience seasonal depression or the winter blues? Do you experience lower energy levels, weight gain, fatigue, interrupted sleep and irritability each fall and winter? If you can answer "yes" you may be suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder SAD... but you can do something about it! 

We carry all the leading brands of Light Boxes and have the best selection and most knowledgeable staff to help you choose the right light for your needs.  We have Sun Box, Northern Light Technologies, Nature Bright, Port A Sun, and more.  We also carry replacement bulbs, books and other accessories.

Most insurance companies will cover the purchase of a light box with a doctor's prescription.
Click here to learn more.

Then we added lights for Skin therapy

Do you suffer from acne?  Would you like to try a drug free acne treatment? Check out the new Caribbean Sun RB from Light Therapy Products.  It uses Blue and Red light therapy in a new approach to that age old problem.  Or if you want to use just Blue light for Acne, try the Nature's Cure Acne light.  If you want to be able to choose your own combination of red and blue, the check out the Caribbean Sun Box RB-Pro for acne.

Would you like to have younger looking skin?  Our DPL Skin Rejuvinating light can reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles leaving your skin looking and feeling younger and more healthy.

Would you like to tan without going to the tanning booth?  We have a table top tanning light that you can use anytime you want at home.  Perfect for adding some color to your face when you don't have time to get outside.

Along the way we added Full Spectrum Bulbs

We have a complete line of Full Spectrum Compact Fluorescent bulbs.  Who says you need to live with those drab CFL's you got at the home improvement store?  And why should you have to change bulbs every 3,000 hours?  Our last 10, 000 hours and provide full spectrum light 5,000 k just like the sun.

If you can't use a fluorescent bulb we have regular incandescent Full Spectrum Bulbs.  Use anywhere you want the true color rendition of Full Spectrum light bulbs.  Great with your favorite reading lamp or in your workshop.

Or you can buy one of our Desk Lamps or Reading Lamps.  Specifically designed for specific tasks they provide excellent lighting and some even double as SAD lights.

And now our newest line, Sleep Therapy and Stress Reduction

Do you have trouble sleeping?  Do you lay in bed "winding down" after a stressful day?  Now we can help!  To help you wind down and fall asleep fast we have CD's and Sound Machines with everything from soothing music to natural sounds like Surf and rainstorm to plain white noise. 

Want to wake up naturally?  We have a full line of Sunrise Simulators to replace that dreaded alarm clock.  Wake up slowly and naturally.

Make your bedroom into a "sleep sanctuary" with Aromatic soothing Candles or Salt Rock Lamps for more Negative Ions. 

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