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BioBrite repair instructions for Digital clocks.

First try the reboot:
Unplug the clock for at least 30 min.
Plug it back in while holding the Program button.
You may have to try it twice.  Also don’t use the clocks with an extension cord as static electricity can build up in the cord that way.

If the reboot is unsuccessful, then the clock can be reconditioned.  If it is more than 1 yr old, it is $25 (plus shipping to the shop) to have it reconditioned and sent back to the customer.  Check made out to Biobrite.
Package the clock carefully, do not send the globe or the bulb and make sure the cord is secured so that it cannot scratch the clock in shipping. 

Send to:

Biobrite Repair
C/O Saville Electronics
2613 Joppa Terrace
Baltimore, MD 21234

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