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Bio-Brite Deluxe LED Light Visor

Bio-brite light visor, brightlight, seasonal affective disorder, seasonal depression, light therapy. The Bio-Brite LED light visor is a breakthrough in convenience, efficiency and utility of bright light therapy.

Wearable - this bright light source that is light weight, adjusts to fit comfortably around your head and is powered by a rechargeable battery pack that leaves you free to move about.  Delivers safe, gentle, glare-free light.  Super efficient because the light is fixed close to the eyes. Does not interfere with vision, so the light Visor can be used as you walk, do housework, prepare a meal, eat, watch TV, ride an exercise bike - or travel.


Bio-Brite Deluxe LED Light Visor

  • Deluxe light visor with built in 1.5 hour battery pack
  • Battery re-charger is U.S. power supply
  • Glare free white light
  • Weight: 8 oz. for head unit
  • Adjustable light level from 500 - 3000 lux.
  • 12 light-emitting diodes, (LED) white light, non-UV
  • 30 day trial period
  • Convenient - 20-40 minutes a day is typical. Allows mobility
  • Portable - Beat the Winter Blues! Great for Jet Lag Works with all countries' electric current  (with available optional power sources)
  •  2 Year Warranty

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