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DR Kern Beauty Skin

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BeautySkin is a highly effective procedure for cosmetic reduction of pimples and blackheads. It is based on the positive effect of certain wavelengths of light on human skin. Normal skin is rich in bacterial flora. In a healthy skin pore the unbalanced growth of bacteria such as propioni bacteria, is held in check by oxygen present in the pore's internal environment. However, if this pore is blocked, the environment becomes anaerobic (deprived of oxygen) and bacteria can undergo explosive growth. As a result pimples and blackheads form. Irradiation with blue light of a wavelength of 415nm triggers reduction, a chemical process that creates free oxygen returning the aerobic condition, and stopping the bacteria's growth. Thus the main cause of the inflammation of the skin pore is removed.
15 minute session with built-in timer.


For Acne

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