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SunBox Accessories

SunLight Jr. Carrying Case

The Carrying Case is the perfect companion for when you want to take your SunBox SunLight Jr. along with you.

Only $38.25! A great way to protect your investment!
Order yours today!

Stand for the SunRay I and II Plus

This adjustable height floor stand gives you more flexibility in your light box use. Its adjustable height places the center of your SunRay from 39" to 61" high.

This is the same design that comes standard with the SunSquare+.

Get one with your new light box, or as an add-on for your old unit.

Fits every SunRay, SunRay II, or SunRay II+ we've ever made. Casters are included so you can wheel your light box around on its stand.

Color: White with Black trim
Dimensions: 24" W x 21" D; 47" (lowest) - 69" (highest) H.
Weight: 15 lbs.

     Stand shown with lamp attached

Stand for the Sunsation

Here we have it! The floor stand for our marvelous SunSation allows you to situate your SunSation high above you and independent of desk or table--it turns your SunSation into a floor lamp...so you can create the optimal angle of light delivery! Shine it on your face for light therapy or use it as a bright task lamp and shine the light on your book, knitting, laptop....

Color: Black Dimensions: Max height--62" (approx 5 ft.) off the floor

Stand Shown with Lamp attached

SunRay I or SunRay II Plus Carrying Case

The carrying case for the for the SunRay light box allows you to bring your SunRay lamp with you where you go!

Only $79 A great way to protect your investment! 
Order yours today!

SunRise Accessories
Globe for the SunRise

Just in case you have had an accident....
This globe will fit all the SunRise digital alarms including the new Platinum model.

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